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  • Take A Deep Breath – Tantrums
    When my Pie was 2 he used to have meltdowns - tantrums. I have to laugh loud now when I think of what I used to call a meltdown before the Dervish and The Girl arrived! Anyway, being a strong supporter and believer in positive parenting and in the belief that children must not have their emotions suppressed, naturally I didn't punish tantrums, meltdowns or emotional outbursts - but that didn't mean that I wanted to walk through a store with a screaming child or to leave the store every time my child decided now was the time he'd been emotionally overloaded. I had a system that worked very well with Pie. When he became overloaded we would find a quiet spot, I would sit with him on my lap (yes, even in an isle in walmart) and I would talk quietly to him and ask him to take some deep breaths to help him calm down. He always obliged and in no time we were finishing up the shopping and heading home (I'm not crazy, calming one meltdown is cool, but there's a message in there.. .can't take too much more mom!) When Dervish came along I naturally tried my "tried and true method" of calming down. This is a perfect example to support the "no such thing as cookie cutter discipline" theory. I should have had a clue, Dervish's meltdowns were jaw dropping, double take manufacturing, different than anything Pie had ever demonstrated. "Take a deep breath" I
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