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  • Lets Talk About Puberty
    Talking to your son about puberty I had a funny story that I was telling to a group of other parents one day.  I'll put the story at the end of this post but it is really not the  point of the entry... Ahh, I'm being confusing now. So I started to tell the story to the group and one of the dads in the group started going on about how we give our kids too much information, that struggling through puberty was part of the process and talking to them about what to expect is ... oh... I don't know exactly what he said but it was akin to 'coddling'. I was actually quite shocked at this line of thinking.  It had never really occurred to me not to talk to my son about puberty any more than it would occur to me to not give my daughter a heads up about the eventuality of a menstrual cycle with her discussion of puberty.  Unfortunately it didn't really dawn on me until just now to ask him if he felt the same true of girls, that we shouldn't tell them what to expect. So given that at least one parent thought I was off base in my thinking, I thought I'd talk a bit about our talk. Dervish was in full blown puberty when I decided that we needed to talk. He had been mood swinging and raging and melting down and basically had become an emotional basket case for a few weeks and then his
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